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Subsoil Investigations

PG PPP A4 IG Setzpfand, Weimar

new building motorway BAB A4 Hörselberg-by-pass - PPP consultation, geotechnical investigations as well as additional investigations in the route section VKE 5521 and 5522 in the context of the offer processing and optimization for a PPP project, earthwork-specific and establishment-technical as well as foundation consultation

Foundation Fraunhofer Gesellschaft / STAAB Architekten Berlin

new building at the Fraunhofer Institute for Digitale Media Technology IDMT in Ilmenau / Thuringia, subsoil and foundation expertise, geotechnical and hydrogeological consultatuion

Municipal of Potsdam / IB Jörg Brandt, Ketzin

traffic surfaces "Am Brauhausberg" in Potsdam, geotechnical consultation as well as situation investigation of underground cellar areas by means of geo radar

2005 - 2006
Municipal of Weimar / IB Prof. Freundt

restoration of the bridge Kegelbrücke over river Ilm in Weimar / Thuringia, subsoil and foundation expertise as well as geotechnical reorganization

Garbe Logstik GmbH Hamburg / Gustav Epple GmbH, Stuttgart

new buildling of an logistic centre in Nohra / Thuringia, subsoil investigations and foundation consultation, geotechnical and environmentaltechnical consultation

Weimarer Wohnstätte GmbH

"Großer Landfried" in Weimar / Thuringia, demolition works, environmentaltechnical and geotechnical consultation, production of offer for tender documents / new building sample house of "Kleiner Landfried", subsoil and foundation expertise

Foundation Stiftung Thüringer Schlösser und Gärten / IBW Weimar

castle Friedenstein in Gotha / Thuringia, reconstraction castle church, subsoil investigations and foundation consultation

GGW GmbH, Hamburg

new building of a housing estate in Berlin, Gotzkowskystraße, subsoil and foundation expertise

DEGES scope P 4

new building local by-pass Triptis and motorway feeder, VKE 5430, geotechnical expertise of the marked-out-route and the engineering structures

DEGES scope P 1

investigation of the marked-out route and geotechnical as well as hydrogeological assessment along the motorway A 20 Tessin - Tribsees (ca 20 km) incl. buildings