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Landfills / Brownfields

Diakoniewerk Halle

planning of the retreating longwall system measures of the diaconal hospital in Halle / Saxony-Anhalt, incl. investigation of the old building stock

GWG Weimar / Architekten Junk + Reich, Weimar

residential zone Jäde-Straße in Weimar / Thuringia, environmentaltechnical investigations, subsoil and geotechnical expertise, environmental expertise

Thüringen Kliniken Saalfeld / Kommunalbau Erfurt

new building hospital Volkstedter Leite in Rudolstadt / Thuringia, investigation and additional environmental investigations, definitions to the slope protection and infiltration attempts

Thuringian Glass Container Company of Schleusingen

redevelopment planning for the disposal of loaded arrears of glass production and establishment consultation to the new building of a storage hall in Schleusingen / Thuringia

2002 - 2006
Municipal of Aschersleben

reorganization industrial fallow OPTIMA (Bestehornpark) in Aschersleben / Saxony-Anhalt, subsoil investigations and foundation consultation, optimizing and detailed environmetal investigations

SWE council services Erfurt

reconstruction, new extensions and outdoor pool / pile foundation of the indoor swimming pool "Johannesplatz" in Erfurt /Thuringia, incl. environmental investigations and specialized constructional supervision

LEG Thüringen mbH, Thuringia

constuction supervision and planning services while the decontamination of the landfill "Neue Sorge" in Rositz / Thuringia and geotechnical consultation with the development of the industrial estate "former tar works Rositz"