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Geotechnical Calculations

Medienhafen Berlin Property GmbH

new building MTV office building east port Berlin, subsoil investigations and engineering consultations, preliminary design of the pile foundation

2005 - 2006
GUP Moskau (G.C.N.)

new building JUSAO-Tower, establishment analysis and optimization

2005 - 2006
Planungsarge Stadttheater Hildburghausen

reorganization, change and extension of the city theatre Hildburghausen / Thuringia, repair historical core building, subsoil, foundation and hydrogeological investigations, variant investigation to the establishment training, optimization excavation sheeting

2003 - 2006
Ilm-Kreis-Kliniken Arnstadt-Ilmenau GmbH

new building spare bed house hospital Ilm-Kreis-Kliniken Arnstadt-Ilmenau / Thuringia, subsoil expert's assessment, static draft computation - preliminary planning of sheeting and production offer for tender documents for the advertisement

NEB Dubai / IB Dr. Krämer, Weimar

Al-Attar-Tower, Trade Centre Second, construction of a 2B+G+M+2Mech. Floors + 70 typical Floors Tower (high ca 240 m), statics and engineering of the pile foundation

Saller Gewerbebau, Weimar

underground car park at the shopping centre Weimarplatz, sheeting and pile foundation

Deutsche Bahn NETZ AG PZ 15

new railway line Ebensfeld - Erfurt, stage of construction "TA 7", recommendations for securing of slope, statics of the securing measures

Saller Gewerbebau, Weimar

"Neue Mitte" Jena (area of the Intershop-Tower), subsoil and hydrogeological investigation, wing unit engineering of the sheeting and draining, construction supervision

road building agency, Meiningen

investigation of the marked-out route and geotechnical assessment of the bypass round Schwallungen (3 km) incl. bridge across the valley Körnebachtal (length = 240 m) and bypass round Wernshausen (5 km)

1997/ 1998 ff
road building agency, Gera

investigation of the marked-out route and geotechnical assessment of the bypass round Bad Köstritz incl. 3 bridges