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Engineering Consultations

IBW Weimar (G.C.N.)

restoration retaining wall Obervogelgesang / Saxony State along the Gerrman course, geotechnical planning of the slope protection, draft and planning of an alternative drainage solution

Bauplanungsbüro Wohlfarth, Gräfenthal

restoration retaining wall Knechtwand at the hospital KKH Bad Langensalza / Thuringia, carrying work and redevelopment planning special foundation engineering incl. advertisement and constructional supervision

road building agency of Middlethuringia

subsoil investigations, foundation engineering and road construction-technical recommendations of different retaining wall reorganizations / replacement constructions, for example L 1144 Finkenbach, B 88 Am Grenzhammer, Ilmenau Thuringia

2005 - 2006
Planungsarge Stadttheater Hildburghausen

reorganization, change and extension of the city theatre Hildburghausen/Thuringia, repair historical core building, subsoil and foundation and hydrogeological investigations, variant investigations to the establishment training, optimization excavation sheeting

LEG Thüringen mbH / IB Dr. Krämer Weimar

reconstruction of the retaining wall of the castle Leuchtenburg near Kahla, foundation investigation, recommendations for securing the building pit and the buildings above

Prot. Church, Blasii-Altendorf

monument conservation and preliminary investigations for the total reconstruction of the Blasii-Church

AZV "Finne", Sömmerda / Ingenieurbüro Lopp, Weimar

investigation of different canal construction projects, for example in Großneuhauesen, Mannstedt, Rastenberg and Buttstädt / Thuringia

various waste water-connected / GKW Ingenieure Gotha und Erfurt

investigation of different canal construction projects and purification plants, for example in Eisleben, Gotha and Mühlberg / Thuringia

DEGES scope P 5

investigation and assessment of the civil engineering structures along the motorway A 73, VKE 5211 (among others the bridge across the valley Haseltal with length = 850 m), geotechnical consultation

DEGES scope P 5

investigation of the marked-out route and geotechnical assessment incl. hydrogeology and partly environmental engineering as well as wing unit engineering along the motorway - A 71, AD Suhl - AS Rohr (ca 14 km) - A 71, AS Rohr - AS Meiningen (ca 7 km) - A 71, AS Meiningen - frontier between Thuringia / Bavaria (15 km) - incl. build-accompanying geological consultation in the earthwork